Sick or Trick?😂

You were running a fever Monday but you still wanted to play outside and it didn’t seem to phase you much, other than your appetite. We laid you down at normal bed time and you went straight to sleep. All was well until about 1 am, you woke up and cried. Since you were running a fever, we quickly brought you to bed with us which was a struggle because you didn’t feel well and were very restless. Next morning, mommy takes you to the Dr and they say you have strep throat!!  But, once again you were a champ all day and it didn’t slow you down a bit!  You played outside with mommy and was in the best mood when daddy got home!  After a mild bath, you weren’t even running a temp at all. We go to put you down to sleep and you weren’t having it!  Mommy held you and rocked you for about an hour. Once she thought you were asleep, she tried to lay you down, but nope, you started crying. So daddy came in to relieve mommy. I held you and rocked you for another hour or so, but you would not lay down in the crib. Every time we tried to lay you down…you cried and cried!

So…finally, mommy comes in and says “let’s just put her in our bed.”  I carry you in our room, I lay you down in our bed…you reached down and grabbed the covers and tucked yourself in!!😂😂. It was as if you looked up at me, smiled and winked, and then pulled up the covers and went straight to sleep. Mommy didn’t even get in bed right away as she went to the bathroom to get ready for bed, but you didn’t mind a bit. You were like, “I’ll be right here in yalls bed when you’re ready!”😂😂. 

This is a memory I hope to remember forever. You’re sweet face as you pulled those covers up!  Mommy and I have laughed all day about it. I wish I would’ve got a picture. I love you girl!

The Perfect Girl

 She loves Jesus and she holds her own fish…she’s already the perfect girl!  I don’t know how I got this lucky, but I’m so thankful for my 2 girls!  My beautiful, amazing wife and our unbelievably awesome little girl!  “I going fishin’!”  “I got one daddy!”  “I hold it!”  “By (my)self!”  I am really savoring these memories!  I hope when I’m an old man that I can still remember how sweet your voice is when you say these words!   We had a great day at “Sam’s Super Fishing Party”!!  You fished and ran and played so hard that you are sleeping really good right now!!  I love you girl!  You already make me so proud!  



Daddy’s Girl Gone Fishin’

 That smile!  It melts my heart every time I see it!

We’ve had a lot going on in the last few weeks. We moved, we celebrated your birthday, we celebrated Easter, and we’ve been settling into our new home. I think you’re beginning to understand that this is our new home. It’s definitely been a transition that we’re all still getting used to. 

We have our own pond on our property now though so I’ve taken you fishing twice already when we’ve had the time. When I ask you if you want to go fishing, you beam from ear to ear.  I have to get you on video saying “We goin’ fishin’ daddy!”  I bought some of these toy baits that look like little fish and when they hit the water they enlarge like a big sponge and you loved them. The pictures below are the first one we used. We cast it out and daddy started yelling “You got one! You got one!”  You were so excited. Daddy helped you reel it in as fast as we could. 

I can’t wait to make more memories with you. As soon as you get some paitience, we’ll catch a real fish and not a sponge. Love you girl!


24 months or 2? Seems like yesterday…


 I can’t seem to come to terms with you turning 2!!  So I’m sticking with 24 months. It sounds better that way. I trick myself into believing your still my tiny baby girl instead of this ever growing and learning little toddler. I still can’t believe that 2 years have passed!  It truly seems like yesterday that I held you for the first time. Seems like yesterday I painstakingly changed my first dirty diaper (for you, not mine😜). Seems like yesterday that Grammy was laughing at mommy and daddy as we gave you your first bath and we were scared to death (too hot, too cold, too cold in the kitchen, Grammy stop laughing😂). Seems like yesterday you took your first steps. Seems like yesterday we made our first trip to the Cincinnati Childrens Hospital. Seems like yesterday we took you to your first zoo and we brought Koko the pink monkey home. Seems like yesterday was our first dance to Sophia the First. Seems like yesterday you danced and kicked your legs like crazy to the Hot Dog Song. Seems like yesterday we took our first major road trip to OBX. 

We’ve mad a lot of great memories and had a lot of fun in these first 2 years. I hope the next 2 slow down a bit. Happy birthday Audrey. I’m sticking with 24 months.