Family Flight and Vacation

We went to Mall of America for Spring Break. April 2022. We all had a blast! From the flight up, to the tiny rental car, to the roller coasters, the water slides, it was so much fun.

Audrey, you rode every single roller coaster they had. Even the one that went straight down into a loopty loop!!! I was so proud of you! Even at Great Wolf Lodge, you rode every water slide and you did the boogie boarding thing which was so cool.

Amelia, you were unbelievably brave too! You rode every roller coaster that you were tall enough to ride! And the same at GWL, you loved taking the GoPro camera down the slide and pretending to make a YouTube video. “Ring that bell!”😂

I love you girls and your momma more than you know. Thankful for the fun we have together.

Packed in our Chevy Spark😂
Relaxing on the flight!
Mall of America
You girls are awesome!
After Kenny Loggins flume! We had so much fun!

Amelia rides a bike!

April 27, 2021. First ride with no training wheels!


You did it girl!!! You told daddy you wanted to ride a bike and you did it! You were brave and persistent. Yes, you fell a couple times but every time you got back up! We’ll, a couple of times it took a minute but daddy never had to ask you to get back on. You wanted to ride a bike and you did it! Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera charged to get it on video but we’ll get one soon. I’m proud of you! I’m not just proud that you rode a bike, I’m proud that you didn’t give up. You kept pushing yourself. I love you girl!

This is how far you rode! So proud of you!

Audrey’s first piano recital!

I am unbelievably proud of you! You worked really hard and practiced so much! There were times that you would get frustrated but you continued to work hard to get it down. I couldn’t have been prouder that you got up there in front of all those people. That was a really big deal! I hope that you continue to play because I know that you can do absolutely anything you put your mind to. I love you girl! Daddy is always so proud of you!