Kindergartener flies an airplane!

Enjoying a daddy daughter afternoon! Audrey was getting to do something with mamaw me and you were going to make the best of the afternoon.

We flew to Somerset, ate at Mellow Mushroom, grabbed some Baskin Robins, and then you flew us home. You followed the power lines from Somerset to London and I literally never touched the stick. I’m amazed at how well you can fly when you can’t even see out of the front window. Proud of you!

Epic Preschool Show & Tell

This is probably the coolest thing your dad has ever done in an airplane! I landed the cub at Audrey’s preschool and about 20 kids got to climb into the airplane and pretend to be a pilot. My favorite part is hearing Audrey in the background: “That’s my dad” and “Bye Daddy!” I love my girls and I’m so thankful I got to do this for both of them. Amelia was just as excited as they were!

As usual, this is bad late being posted. May 2019

What do you want to be when you grow up?

We had so much fun over Christmas and New Years break! For New Years, we all had a slumber party at the house. We got the air mattress out in the living room and mom and I let you girls stay up as late as you wanted. We ate chocolate cake, popped popcorn, had a dance party, ate pizza, watched the movie Leap! You 2 had so much fun. I think we only made it to about 10:00 with Amelia and Audrey, you were out about 30 minutes later. So we didn’t make it to see the ball drop but it was my favorite New Years party ever!

New Year’s Day was pretty awesome too. Audrey was getting stir crazy and wanted to get out of the house and mommy was wanting to take a nap, so I loaded you 2 up and hit the road. We decided to go by the airport. I originally thought I’d just sit you 2 in the airplane, but you wanted to fly so bad so daddy decided to buckle y’all up. Audrey, it was your 2nd flight in the cub. The first one was with Bella back at the LCA open house. It was Amelia’s 1st flight. I buckled the 2 of you in the back, taxied around a bit to make sure y’all were comfortable and safe, and then took runway 6! You both loved it, even though audrey, you still hate having to wear the headset.

When we got home, we went to the playset to swing! While I was pushing you both, I asked audrey, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Audrey: “I want to be a teacher!”

Daddy: “That’s awesome! Why do you want to be a teacher?”

Audrey: “because I want to tell kids about Jesus!”

My heart overflows with joy when I hear you talk about Jesus! You have a huge heart already and you are so smart! You know every story on the kids bible app and you get all the questions right. I’m so proud of you. I pray that you always love Jesus the way you love him now. You’re an inspiration to even you daddy and you’re only 4 years old.

I love you girls! You both are daddy’s world!

Family Date to Rupp Arena

Was today (11/12/17) the first of many family bonding trips to watch the Kentucky Wildcats play basketball? Well, mommy and daddy were watching basketball. You, Audrey, we’re watching the cheerleaders and Scratch, the Wildcat! Amelia was mostly interested in the puffs and ice cream! Whoever we were watching, we had a successful first trip to Rupp Arena and this old Dad had a blast! You’re favorite moments were when the cheerleaders and dance team came out during breaks. You were sad when they went back to the sidelines. Next time we come back, daddy’s gonna get tickets closer to the cheerleaders so that you’re not upset when they go to the other side of the court. I had so much fun watching you cheer for them. I look forward to many more trips!! Remember your birthday is April 4th…the first week of April…just happens to coincide with the Final Four! If you ever decide to make that a daddy daughter tradition…that’ll be fine with me…and we can let mommy and Amelia tag along too even though they’re birthdays are in November.

UK 73 – Vermont 69

Amelia, you first UK game was a success! Mommy held you for most of the game. We both thought we’d only make it to halftime, but you and Audrey both were great!! When you got a little restless, Audrey started giving u big hugs and you calmed down. We had so much fun!! I hope we all get to share many memories together of watching the Cats!!


PS: been a long time since I’ve wrote for y’all!! I got a lot of catching up to do. Daddy loves his girls!!

The Perfect Girl

 She loves Jesus and she holds her own fish…she’s already the perfect girl!  I don’t know how I got this lucky, but I’m so thankful for my 2 girls!  My beautiful, amazing wife and our unbelievably awesome little girl!  “I going fishin’!”  “I got one daddy!”  “I hold it!”  “By (my)self!”  I am really savoring these memories!  I hope when I’m an old man that I can still remember how sweet your voice is when you say these words!   We had a great day at “Sam’s Super Fishing Party”!!  You fished and ran and played so hard that you are sleeping really good right now!!  I love you girl!  You already make me so proud!  



Daddy’s Girl Gone Fishin’

 That smile!  It melts my heart every time I see it!

We’ve had a lot going on in the last few weeks. We moved, we celebrated your birthday, we celebrated Easter, and we’ve been settling into our new home. I think you’re beginning to understand that this is our new home. It’s definitely been a transition that we’re all still getting used to. 

We have our own pond on our property now though so I’ve taken you fishing twice already when we’ve had the time. When I ask you if you want to go fishing, you beam from ear to ear.  I have to get you on video saying “We goin’ fishin’ daddy!”  I bought some of these toy baits that look like little fish and when they hit the water they enlarge like a big sponge and you loved them. The pictures below are the first one we used. We cast it out and daddy started yelling “You got one! You got one!”  You were so excited. Daddy helped you reel it in as fast as we could. 

I can’t wait to make more memories with you. As soon as you get some paitience, we’ll catch a real fish and not a sponge. Love you girl!


Celebrate you!

 It’s not even your birthday yet but we celebrated early because all our family was going to be in town. Needless to say, your birthday party was a HUGE success!!  And SOOO MUCH FUN!!
I wish I could take credit but your mom pretty much did everything!   We had your party at Hillview Stables and you had an amazing day (and so did everyone else). We had Sonny’s BBQ, fruit trays, cheese and crackers, animal crackers, cupcakes, and birthday cake in the horse stables which were beautiful. There was also a kangaroo in the horse stable with us. Ben conveniently blew your candles out after we sang happy birthday but that’s ok. We relit them for u…twice actually. 
You had an amazing time and the smiles on your face were proof. You fed the goats, petted a baby pig, rode a pony, fed a camel, and saw animals that I can’t even remember what they’re called. It was an amazing day. You’ll be 2 in a few days…time slow down!












My little trucker girl!


This is the face of an angel. An angel that drives a Peterbilt!  Your mommy wanted to let you climb in a truck today so we took you into the garage.  You weren’t for sure about it until daddy asked you if you wanted to drive. You were grinning ear to ear. You’re not even 2 years old yet but you already love to drive. Yesterday, you wanted to drive when I got home from work so I let you sit in my lap and steer around the neighborhood.  You’re actually getting really good. I guess the little Minnie Mouse four wheeler is paying off. When you first started riding it, you would hit the gas and wherever it was pointed was where it went. Straight into the wall, the table, the chair, you only went straight. Finally you realized that if you turn the steering wheel, you can ride a lot farther before daddy has to help you. 

I’m glad we started driving early though because I gotta teach you to drive better than mommy. Mommy’s the worst drive…well, maybe she’s the 2nd worst. Your aunt Kayla probably takes the cake. Bad driving is a gene from mommy’s side of the family. Mommy’s bad, Kayla’s worse, pawpaws so careful that he’s dangerous, and to be honest I’m just too scared to get in the car with Grammy so she’s never drove with me before. Who knows the Ramsey’s might be good drivers too, I’ll probably never know. You papaw literally drives so slow that I’ve been afraid of getting run over. But then again, your papaw Jess is pretty dangerous too. He keeps one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas…and every now and then he pushes them both at the same time. 

Just stick with daddy’s driving lessons. I may have gotten some awards for how fast I can drive, but i know I’ll worry less if you drive like daddy. 


grabbin gears




Mickey, where are you?

 “Mickey, where are you?” If only I could write this phrase the way you say it.  We had a blast at Disney on Ice!  You were so excited before we even got there. Before anything started you kept saying “Mickey, where are you?” Over and over. When Mickey came out on the ice, you started jumping and clapping. You yelled for all of them by name. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisey, Goofy, and even Pluto.  You were so happy, focused, and paying such close attention. 
I’m constantly amazed by you. Amazed at how smart you are!  Amazed at how beautiful you are! Amazed at how wild you are!  Amazed at how determined you are!  Amazed at how much I love you!  You’re an amazing little girl who is gonna be turning 2 just around the corner. Time please slow down already!