My little trucker girl!


This is the face of an angel. An angel that drives a Peterbilt!  Your mommy wanted to let you climb in a truck today so we took you into the garage.  You weren’t for sure about it until daddy asked you if you wanted to drive. You were grinning ear to ear. You’re not even 2 years old yet but you already love to drive. Yesterday, you wanted to drive when I got home from work so I let you sit in my lap and steer around the neighborhood.  You’re actually getting really good. I guess the little Minnie Mouse four wheeler is paying off. When you first started riding it, you would hit the gas and wherever it was pointed was where it went. Straight into the wall, the table, the chair, you only went straight. Finally you realized that if you turn the steering wheel, you can ride a lot farther before daddy has to help you. 

I’m glad we started driving early though because I gotta teach you to drive better than mommy. Mommy’s the worst drive…well, maybe she’s the 2nd worst. Your aunt Kayla probably takes the cake. Bad driving is a gene from mommy’s side of the family. Mommy’s bad, Kayla’s worse, pawpaws so careful that he’s dangerous, and to be honest I’m just too scared to get in the car with Grammy so she’s never drove with me before. Who knows the Ramsey’s might be good drivers too, I’ll probably never know. You papaw literally drives so slow that I’ve been afraid of getting run over. But then again, your papaw Jess is pretty dangerous too. He keeps one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas…and every now and then he pushes them both at the same time. 

Just stick with daddy’s driving lessons. I may have gotten some awards for how fast I can drive, but i know I’ll worry less if you drive like daddy. 

grabbin gears



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