😂Panty Meltdown😂

Butt naked in the living room, daddy is trying to get you to put panties on. 

Finally, you tell me you want “Siva” panties. (Siva = Sophia the First). I run to the laundry room because mommy says the “Siva” panties are in the dryer. I rustle through but I can’t find them. But I find your Minnie Mouse panties and I’m confident they’ll work just fine…wrong!

You had an all out meltdown, threw yourself on the floor, crying and screaming “Siva, Siva, Siva!!!”  Who would’ve known that it was a “Siva” or nothing panty day!😂😂  Needless to say, daddy went back to the laundry room because obviously you weren’t wearing Minnie Mouse panties today. 

Mickey, where are you?

 “Mickey, where are you?” If only I could write this phrase the way you say it.  We had a blast at Disney on Ice!  You were so excited before we even got there. Before anything started you kept saying “Mickey, where are you?” Over and over. When Mickey came out on the ice, you started jumping and clapping. You yelled for all of them by name. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisey, Goofy, and even Pluto.  You were so happy, focused, and paying such close attention. 
I’m constantly amazed by you. Amazed at how smart you are!  Amazed at how beautiful you are! Amazed at how wild you are!  Amazed at how determined you are!  Amazed at how much I love you!  You’re an amazing little girl who is gonna be turning 2 just around the corner. Time please slow down already!