Just like Mommy…


June 2015

You got an awful lot of your mommy in you girl!  From makeup to purses to shoppin’ to twirling in your dresses…daddy’s in trouble. Some of these pics are from back in the summer but your mom was telling me a story today that made me go back and look at them. Reminiscing of times that feel like yesterday but are going so fast. Anyways, your mom asked you what you wanted to do today and you replied “shoppin'”. Obviously your mom wasn’t expecting that answer, thought she misunderstood you, but she said you repeated several times “shoppin’, shoppin’, shoppin'”. Finally mommy asked you “what do you want to go shopping for?”  You replied, “Yipstick!!”  My, my, my…I’m in trouble. Your just 22 months old!  You’re not supposed to know lipstick and shoppin’ yet. I had some Carmex Chapstick in my pocket, so I gave it to you and you were unbelievably excited!


June 2015

Then there comes the purses!  It doesn’t matter what it is…a purse, a bag, anything you can sling over your shoulder. You love it!  Your Grammy has told me stories about how your mommy did the same thing when she was a little girl. She wanted to wear makeup and heels and necklaces and anything else girly that she could get her hands on. I think your going to be pretty girly too but before long daddy’s going to start taking you fishing and getting you dirty. I love all the girlieness and princess stuff, I mean you are daddy’s little princess. But, I plan on rounding out your personality to include a little country girl in you. We’ll see how that plays out cause for now your just like your mommy…a beautiful girly girl…and I love it!

June 2015


February 2016


December 2015

November 2015

***Funny story today: your mommy took you to a little craft thing today and there were stations set up for you to paint, use Elmo stamps, and make other little things with valentines candy and such. Mommy said you wanted absolutely nothing to do with the paint. But daddy asked you what you did today and you said “I paint! I paint!”  You even held up your hands as if to show me how you got the paint on your hands. I guess one day soon we’ll have to talk about phibbing but for now I’m going to laugh at your imagination and creativeness. I love you girl!***



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