Daddy Home!

“Daddy home!”  Those words are music to my ears!!  I just got home after a week away from you and your mommy and your reaction to seeing me was priceless!  You were watching your favorite show (Paw Patrol aka Marshal) with a toy in your hand but the toy went flying and you came running!  Moments like these I will never forget!  You love your daddy and your daddy loves you!  A week away from you and your mommy is too much. The best thing about a “daddy home” moment is that I don’t have to be gone a week to experience them. This reaction is a regular occurrence. Almost everyday that I get home from work you meet me at the door running. “Daddy home! Daddy home!”  It’s a highlight of my day to get home to you and mommy. Your excitement can make a good day better and a can make a bad day disappear. Truth be known, daddy normally jumps out of his jeep and runs into the house to you too!  I’ve actually been so excited to see you that I’ve forgotten to shut the garage door several times, only to realize it in the morning on my way to work. Thankfully the neighbors keep an eye out and have reminded us to shut it several times. I love you girl!  I hope you are always excited to see daddy!

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