Brushy Brush Brush

Brushing your teeth can be the most difficult task in the world. When you don’t want them brushed, Im not sure if superman would be able to singlehandedly complete the task. You seem to magically transform into a mixture of Wonder Woman and the Incredible Hulk when faced with a toothbrush. Your mom and I have to tag team you and even then it’s difficult. I’m trying to place you in a full Nelson mixed with a little cross face chicken wing and your mother is trying to fight off your legwork all while brushing your teeth without stabbing you with the toothbrush. It can be quite difficult. So it amazed me when your mother called me today and said you let, I repeat, you LET your aunt Kayla brush your teeth today without any need for a self defense class. How is that possible?

Mommy said she asked Ben if he’d let aunt Kayla brush his teeth and he happily obliged. You watched him in amazement and then proceeded to let her brush your teeth completely without any help.  That’s got to be one of the most amazing feats accomplished to date by your aunt Kayla. She is now invited to every teeth brushing operation we have. I’m going to have to set up a video camera to video how crazy you are when mommy and daddy try.  Now that your crazy about poppies, suckers, milk, juice, or basically any candy, I’m gonna have to find a new move if you don’t let us start brushing without having full body armor on.

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