Daddy’s Heart is Hooked

I’m missing my girls already and I haven’t even left!  This will be the first real fishing trip I’ve made since you were born. Wow, that’s kind of crazy! Before you were born, daddy was fishing every chance he got. On a good week I would’ve been on the water or at least walking the bank 2-3 times, sometimes more. I really love to fish!  I’ve fished about 3, maybe 4 times since you were born and one of those times mommy made me go for my birthday. But the craziest thing of all, I haven’t missed it because I’ve been so wrapped up in love with you and mommy.  Now don’t think for a minute that your daddy doesn’t absolutely love to fish, cause I do. It’s just that compared to being with you, fishing looks as boring as lifetime movie. (Hopefully that still makes sense when you get old enough to read this haha:).

HOWEVER, I’m in no hurry for you to get bigger but the day is drawing near that daddy is gonna take his girl fishing. And I imagine that when that day gets here, I’m going to experience a level of joy on the water like i never have before. Fishing with my little girl!  Oh I love even the sound of it. FYI were going to have to leave mommy at home though cause I can’t have her showing me up.

I hope you enjoy it!  If you don’t, it’ll be ok. We’ll find something else to do together. I think of all the joy I’ve had fishing with my dad and I hope to share that with you someday. Fishing isn’t all about catching the fish, even though that’s definitely a fun part of it. For me, it’s about slowing down, enjoying God’s creation, thinking about life, having conversation, relaxing, and so much more. I can’t wait to bait your hook some day. If your anything like your mommy, you’ll sure give me a run for my money. I bet my little girl holds her own fish though. We’ll see….no hurry!  One thing you’ve already got hooked…daddy’s heart.


Grammy gave me this pic when you were born! haha!


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  1. lisamariagardiner · January 29, 2016

    Beautiful baby girl 😊

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