First Day of the Next Chapter

Audrey, you started kindergarten today! It was a big day for our whole family! Daddy’s trying to figure out why time is going so fast! Mommy’s trying to hold it together and not cry. Amelia is crying because she wanted to stay at school with you! You were so excited that you could hardly wait to get there. You even woke up super early so that you could go to breakfast at school. You definitely showed mom and dad that you are a big girl because you marched right in ready to conquer. You did hold daddy’s hand for a minute. You walked into class without me, took one look around and walked out and grabbed my hand. My first thoughts were “uh oh”, but then we walked back in. You saw the other kids hanging their backpacks up under the cubbies, you let go of my hand, grabbed the backpack and that was all she wrote. From that point, you were a champ. Your face beamed with a beautiful smile. Mommy and daddy are so proud of you. Even though we’re sad that time is going so fast and you’re growing so quickly. We love you so much and we’re already proud of you more than you know!!

One comment

  1. Debbie Martin · August 9, 2019

    Sweet!! Sweet!! Sweet!! Love that girl and she will do awesome!! Proud of that big girl, yet sad also that it has happened so fast ❤️🥰Love my beautiful granddaughter!!!!


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