I couldn’t be prouder…Part 2


Girl, you have the biggest personality and you always keep us laughing. I love your silliness and couldn’t be prouder of you too! You’re in the middle of iReady testing right now and we just got the results back on your reading portion of the test. WOW!!!! You’re in kindergarten but your reading scores were on a 3rd grade level! Way to go girl!! We’ve been amazed at how well you are reading but those test scores show how hard you work on it. You love to read and now you’re reading to me instead of me reading to you!

Im so proud of you girl. Reading at a 3rd grade level is awesome and I’m really proud of you for that but it’s not the main thing. Im proud of your determination, your hard work, the effort you put into everything. You have read every book in the house multiple times. When you were younger you had some of them memorized and you would pretend to read😂. But now, there’s no pretending. Im often amazed at the words you can pronounce. Keep it up girl!

This is Ariel and Sebastian, from CHS Little Mermaid performance. You acted like you’d met the most famous people in the world😂❤️! You blushed and grinned when you got to talk to them at Audrey’s piano recital!

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