Daddy Daughter Days


Monkey Joes – November 2015


Sometimes a girl just needs to have a daddy daughter date!  No mommy means no rules! (Within reason😉, I got no lie to tell…I know who the boss is). You get to climb up on anything you want and we don’t tell mommy a thing!  That is until you start begging for mommy to let you do something and she realizes it’s not your first time.  -Daddy gets home from work and mommy looks at him with this you’ve done something wrong look. “So, you’ve been letting her climb up on the counter top, haven’t you?”  Ummm….

Mommy had a wedding shower for a friend and we got to spend the whole day together!  We dropped mommy off and we headed towards Monkey Joe’s!  You fell asleep on the way there so I let you catch a short nap!

30 minute power nap and we were headed inside. We had a blast together!  We rode the little merry-go-round and pumped in token after token. Daddy got inside the inflatables with you and we went down the slides together and jumped around.  They had a musical mat that you jumped up and down on. When it got time to eat I let you pick whatever you want. We ate pizza and drank blue Icee’s.

You really loved Monkey Joe’s!  You randomly say Monkey Joe all the time and we’ve had to watch Monkey Joe on YouTube to get you to calm down!  I wish it wasn’t 150 miles away from home or we’d go more often!  This was a good daddy daughter day!  As much fun as you had, I believe I had more!  I’m a lucky daddy to have such an awesome little girl. I can’t wait to see all the things we do on our daddy daughter dates.  Making Memories!  I love you, my sweet girl!


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