Queen of the Potty

So, we’re back on the potty again and were about 50/50 pee in the potty or pee in the floor!  You see, mommy has this bright idea that if you run around buck naked that you’ll realize you need to pee in the potty. I guess I slightly see her reasoning but your only shooting 50% so far which means if the future owners of our home have dogs…they’ll be marking and claiming your territory soon!  One thing I’m very thankful for though is that you have yet to drop a deuce in the floor.  I’m not sure how I’ll handle that but I’m sure if we continue with this buck naked strategy, it is bound to happen.

If only we could turn back time about 2 months, I think you would already have this all figured out. Your mom and I had been talking that we thought you were ready to potty train, so one night we went by K-Mart and picked up a pink ‘rockin tunes’ potty. You were so excited!!  The potty makes a flushing sound, plays music, and even recorded daddy saying, “Good job Audrey! Yay!!”  But you couldn’t wait for daddy to put it together and before I could get any of the batteries in it you were jumping and saying “potty, potty, potty!”  So I flipped it over, sat it down in the living room, and within seconds you fired that thing up with some stinky stuff!  Your mom and I couldn’t believe it. And you took off like you had been using the potty for years. For three days in a row, you were nearly flawless!  Then we made our routine 3 hour dive to see our families and it was over. You went from flawless to shooting a mere 10%, if that. It’s not your fault though, we got you out of your groove. Between the road trip, the change of scenery, the visiting here and there, I’m almost surprised I didn’t have an accident (I’m kidding, I’ve been potty trained for going on 32 years now and proud of it). But anyways, Grammy was so excited that she had went out and bought little girl panties for you. That didn’t go so well, but then again you were only 18 months old and what could we expect. And don’t think for a minute that daddy wasn’t proud. We weren’t even planning on potty training, it’s just that you’re so smart and doing everything so fast that we thought you might go for it. We both think that if we hadn’t left that weekend, by now you’d be queen of the potty!
We’ll keep trying though. You really are doing so good!  Today, mommy texted me at work every time you pottied. I think I foul you up when I get home.  Just do me a favor and don’t drop a deuce on daddy’s watch. Let me be at work!

**if mommy reads this, she’s liable to slap me and say “I don’t want anybody to think my baby is running around buck naked all day!”  So I stand corrected, most of the time she has pants on but is going commando**.


Buck Naked Strategy



  1. dadstayedhome · January 26, 2016

    We’re going through something similar with my daughter. She will sit on the potty (the big girl) but has an obsession with pushing as hard as possible. My daughter can shoot pee I swear 5 feet from the toilet and into the tub. You have to stay out of her way. I swear it’s just like Shamus splash zone.


    • mygirlmyworld · January 26, 2016

      Haha! My daughter does the same thing with pushing as hard as she can! Good times though! This is my first and I’m enjoying every moment.

      Liked by 1 person

      • dadstayedhome · January 27, 2016

        I have 2 so hopefully I will be a pro by the time my second starts the process.


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