Naughty or Nice

Christmas may be over but your love for Santa, Frosty, and Christmas songs is still in full speed!  You have been picking up all your toys and saying “Ho Ho!” as if Santa brought you everything in the house.   As you can see in the picture, your love for Santa is best at a distance. Much like the Easter bunny last year, you were so excited…until you sat on their lap!

We had your first big snow this past weekend. 16″ dropped in a little more than 24 hours. We put you to bed Friday night and then I went out and built you a snowman on the back porch. It was a dry snow, but daddy was determined to get you a Frosty. Mommy got me a spray bottle full of water so I sprayed the snow down to try and get it to stick together. I tried hard but I didn’t think the final result was too good.


Trust me, this was more difficult than you think!

But I was wrong!  When you saw the snowman, your eyes lit up and you yelled “Frosty! Frosty!”  And when you leaned in and said “I love you, Frosty”, I realized he was perfect!

But on Sunday, Frosty started to melt. I can still hear your voice pouting, ” Oh no, Frosty!”  We had so much fun!  We sang Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus is coming to Town over and over. You amaze me with your ability to learn and sing songs!  You love to sing and dance. We also went sledding which you loved until the snow sprayed in your face. We went down the slide on our playground over and over again.

 And we even jumped on Carter and Cael’s snowy trampoline. It was a great snowy weekend with you and your mommy and we never started a vehicle. Sometimes life is best at that pace, no agenda, no rush, just me, you, and mommy with nothing but time. I just wish time would slow down!  Speaking of…this was last Christmas!  You’re growing to fast!

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