“Yook Mommy, Yook!”

“Yook mommy, yook!”  Those words melt my heart!  For some reason, it’s always yook mommy and not yook daddy. I guess that’s because daddy is always doing something crazy that makes you want mommy to yook at you. Sometimes it’s climbing up and standing on daddy’s shoulders. Other times it’s a new dance move we’ve created. Then there’s the time we were pushing the limit on the rocking horse and you wanted mommy to yook as the horsie flipped over head first. What about when daddy let you play five little monkeys jumping on the couch, that was a yook mommy moment too!  One thing is for certain, whenever the words “Yook Mommy” come out, there is a beaming smile on Audrey’s face!  You are proud of yourself!  You are wanting your mommy to see what you can do.

What’s funny is that although you don’t realize this, your mommy and daddy are saying to each other “look!”  We are so proud of what you can do too!  We are constantly amazed at things you are already doing. You learned your ABCs at around 16 months!  You’re counting past 10 like its nothing. You know every nursery rhyme!  You even say bless you after someone sneezes!  And this is just a small list of countless things you are doing that amaze us.

You are an amazing, smart, funny, beautiful little girl!  I can’t wait to see all the things you are going to accomplish. And I can’t wait to see your beautiful smile as you say, “Yook Mommy, Yook!”

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