Holding You

Dear Audrey,

Holding you while you sleep is one of the best moments in the world. It’s a fleeting moment though so I’m savoring every memory that I can of your sweet little face, eyes closed, mouth open, tiny breaths, tucking your arms inside my embrace, then occasionally taking them out and putting them around my neck. You’re perfect and the moment is perfect.

You woke up early from nap today and I got to hold and rock you back to sleep. I couldn’t help but notice that your legs were getting cramped up in this little rocking chair. Your growing. Your growing to fast. You moved around, shuffling to get comfortable. Finally settling in and dozing off. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that I even napped a little myself. Mommy had to come wake us both up.

The days are going by so fast so I want to make a deal with you. While most of me wants you to continue sleeping well through the night so that mommy and I can get our rest too, some of me wants you to occasionally wake up and cry out for daddy. I want to take advantage and cherish every moment that I get to hold you in my arms. Even if it’s 3am and I’m so tired, I want to remind myself that each day you’re growing and getting bigger, smarter, older. There will eventually come a day that I won’t get to rock you back to sleep, but there will never come a day that I won’t be able to hold you. I may not be holding you across my lap as I rock you in a chair or maybe on my shoulder where you leave a puddle of drool, but you will never be to big for your daddy to hold you. I don’t care if you’re 2, 20, or 200; I anticipate that holding you and your embrace around my neck will take me back to today: a precious memory of holding my sweet little girl.  Sleep well…but then again if you don’t, daddy will hold you!

Love,  Daddy

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