How quick things change…

Last couple mornings I’ve left Audrey crying for daddy as I had to go to work. Breaks my heart. This morning she’s doing the same thing. As I’m trying to figure out how to slip away Kelsey ask Audrey if she wants to go to the park…Audrey looks at daddy…quits crying and says…”you go to work! I go to park! Bye daddy!”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. How quickly I was traded for the park!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sick or Trick?πŸ˜‚

You were running a fever Monday but you still wanted to play outside and it didn’t seem to phase you much, other than your appetite. We laid you down at normal bed time and you went straight to sleep. All was well until about 1 am, you woke up and cried. Since you were running a fever, we quickly brought you to bed with us which was a struggle because you didn’t feel well and were very restless. Next morning, mommy takes you to the Dr and they say you have strep throat!!  But, once again you were a champ all day and it didn’t slow you down a bit!  You played outside with mommy and was in the best mood when daddy got home!  After a mild bath, you weren’t even running a temp at all. We go to put you down to sleep and you weren’t having it!  Mommy held you and rocked you for about an hour. Once she thought you were asleep, she tried to lay you down, but nope, you started crying. So daddy came in to relieve mommy. I held you and rocked you for another hour or so, but you would not lay down in the crib. Every time we tried to lay you down…you cried and cried!

So…finally, mommy comes in and says “let’s just put her in our bed.”  I carry you in our room, I lay you down in our bed…you reached down and grabbed the covers and tucked yourself in!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. It was as if you looked up at me, smiled and winked, and then pulled up the covers and went straight to sleep. Mommy didn’t even get in bed right away as she went to the bathroom to get ready for bed, but you didn’t mind a bit. You were like, “I’ll be right here in yalls bed when you’re ready!”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. 

This is a memory I hope to remember forever. You’re sweet face as you pulled those covers up!  Mommy and I have laughed all day about it. I wish I would’ve got a picture. I love you girl!

Watch this…

“Watch this…”  Those words normally precede you doing something crazy!  I don’t know where you even picked up the phrase, but you have started using it more and more. Tonight, you said “Watch this…”, and you jumped up as high as you could and landed on your knees!  It looked like it hurt, but I couldn’t help but laugh!  My laughter triggered you to do it over and over again causing daddy to laugh even more. “Watch this…Watch this…Watch this!!!”  The more you did it the more we laughed and the more we thought you were going to hurt yourself. You’re too much fun girl!!  

Side note…you don’t like the face swap app. Everybody else’s kiddos are loving it but you don’t like it at all. You were loving the bunny ears and then you accidentally switched it to one that scared you. You cried for like 5 minutes!! And ever since you want nothin to do with it. “No, no, no!!”


this is just a little too weird!


Ready, Seddy, Go


Ready, Seddy, Go!!!

I don’t know where you got it from, but you keep saying seddy go instead of set go!  You’ve said set a hundred times but all of a sudden you decided to change it. 

We got you this indoor slide to help battle the cold weather and it has been the best purchase ever!  You have played and played with it. Your learning to take turns too!!  You want mommy and daddy to play with you so you’ll tell mommy turn. Then it’ll be Audrey’s turn and then daddy turn!  You want to help push us too. It’s kind of a funny sight to see mommy and daddy go down your little slide. Especially since our bottoms won’t even fit on it. But either way, when Audrey says Ready, Seddy…daddy’s ready to go!

Bye Bye Money

My Rock Stars

First of all, daddy made the mistake of buying you something out of the little quarter vending machines and now every time you see one you want something!  That’s what started your understanding of money. Now you see the vending machine and turn to daddy and say, “I want money.”  So we’ve dropped several quarters on bouncy balls, gum balls (which we tell you are bouncy balls), beautiful necklaces, and even some stretchy sticky miniature handcuff thingamajigs. 

The other night, we were trying to brush your teeth and you noticed that daddy had put some of his change on the bathroom counter. You wanted to hold the money and started saying toy, toy!  Daddy told you that you had to go to sleep first and then you might get a toy tomorrow. You immediately put the money down and said “Bye bye money!”