Where’s my tooth?!?

That tooth has been hanging on for a couple weeks now. We were at the Party Palace for a bday party of one of Audrey’s friends. You were climbing up one of the inflatable slides when someone else came down and managed to hit you right in the mouth. You immediately looked at me with tears in your eyes…but then…you noticed something in your mouth. You spit it out on the inflatable because you weren’t sure what it was at first😂. But then you realized, “My tooth!!” Your tears were immediately replaced with a beaming, toothless smile!! You are the sweetest little girl tho because within minutes you were worried that your mommy wasn’t there to witness it. Your momma was bound and determined to be there for your first tooth because Audrey had lost hers at school. She’s been at everything, every time, every where, but unfortunately she wasn’t feeling well so she laid down on the couch to rest while we went to the party. I thought it was pretty amazing how much you cared about your mommas feelings. You are an amazing sweet beautiful little girl. Daddy is proud of you! And mommy is too!!!

I’ll add…the tooth fairy didn’t have any change so your first tooth paid a whopping 20 bucks…don’t get used to it!😂. Love you!

The Tooth Fairy

Audrey, You lost your first tooth at school today (8/19/19). It’s been loose for a while and your mom actually asked you this morning before school if you wanted her to pull it because she was afraid you’d lose it at school. Well, she was right. This is how it went down. You showed your teacher (Mrs. Steele) how lose it was and she told you that if you lost your tooth at school that you’d get a tooth necklace. I guess that’s all it took because you pulled it out shortly after all by yourself. We were so thankful that your teacher made you feel so special and took the time to send us a picture during the school day.

Mom said you were smiling ear to ear when she picked you up. We had Family Reading Night in the library at school and I rushed to get there. You were still smiling so big!

Best part is, we told you that the tooth fairy only comes when you’re asleep ANd when you sleep by yourself. For the first time in a long time, you went to bed all by yourself. You were so excited knowing that the tooth fairy was going to come see you tonight. While mom and dad need their own time together, both of us were sad not to have laid down with you tonight. We love you so much.

But we still left you this letter…well the tooth fairy left it.