Watch this…

“Watch this…”  Those words normally precede you doing something crazy!  I don’t know where you even picked up the phrase, but you have started using it more and more. Tonight, you said “Watch this…”, and you jumped up as high as you could and landed on your knees!  It looked like it hurt, but I couldn’t help but laugh!  My laughter triggered you to do it over and over again causing daddy to laugh even more. “Watch this…Watch this…Watch this!!!”  The more you did it the more we laughed and the more we thought you were going to hurt yourself. You’re too much fun girl!!  

Side note…you don’t like the face swap app. Everybody else’s kiddos are loving it but you don’t like it at all. You were loving the bunny ears and then you accidentally switched it to one that scared you. You cried for like 5 minutes!! And ever since you want nothin to do with it. “No, no, no!!”


this is just a little too weird!