Been a while

Hey girls!! Daddy hasn’t been writing much for a long time and I gotta do some major catch up. Time is flying and so much has changed. Audrey, you’re now 5 years old, have 2 loose teeth, have learned to swim, learned to skate, playing soccer, carrying a makeup bag, and so much more. Amelia, you’re 2-1/2 going on 13 with so much sass! You’re a funny girl and always keep us laughing. The other day, you were on the potty at the house and told me you didn’t have to wash your hands since this wasn’t a “public bathroom”! We went camping in a wagon a couple weeks ago and y’all had a blast. We hiked through the woods and we rafted up to Cumberland falls. We tried to see the moonbow but we couldn’t make it past 11:30. Everyone was falling asleep.

The Skating Queen

We’ve had a great summer before Kindergarten starts. I may not be writing much but we have definitely been making memories enjoying life together!

Mommy and daddy love you 2 girls more than you’ll ever know! We’re so proud of you both! Daddy’s Best Friends!

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