Daddy’s been missing…

Audrey and Amelia,

Life can get so busy and time can fly so fast! While it’s never been too busy for us to spend quality family time, it has been so busy that I’ve got sidetracked from writing to you two. Daddy’s sorry that it’s been too long but I’m going to catch back up. The next few weeks will be catching up on a lot of things that have happened over the last year or two. They may be out of order but I don’t want to miss a thing so bare with me while we catch up. It’ll probably be 10-15 years before you’re ever even interested in reading this stuff. But when you do, I hope it gives an insight into how much your mommy and daddy love you! How proud we are of you! And how awesome, amazing, and absolutely fantastic girls you are! We love you!

Movie night…11/23/2021

Movie night!
This is what it’s all about!! Quiet moments. Just soaking in the memory of you two holding daddy’s hands!

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