Daddy’s been missing…

Audrey and Amelia,

Life can get so busy and time can fly so fast! While it’s never been too busy for us to spend quality family time, it has been so busy that I’ve got sidetracked from writing to you two. Daddy’s sorry that it’s been too long but I’m going to catch back up. The next few weeks will be catching up on a lot of things that have happened over the last year or two. They may be out of order but I don’t want to miss a thing so bare with me while we catch up. It’ll probably be 10-15 years before you’re ever even interested in reading this stuff. But when you do, I hope it gives an insight into how much your mommy and daddy love you! How proud we are of you! And how awesome, amazing, and absolutely fantastic girls you are! We love you!

Movie night…11/23/2021

Movie night!
This is what it’s all about!! Quiet moments. Just soaking in the memory of you two holding daddy’s hands!

Bath time conversations

Audrey – “Guess what I’m gonna be when I grow up.”

Amelia – “Give me some guesses!”

Audrey – “A vegetarian, a veterinarian, a princess, or a gardener?”

Audrey pauses for a moment, looks at me, and says, “what’s a vegetarian?”

Daddy – “A person that only eats vegetables.”

Audrey – “Oh, we’ll never mind!!”

Life Lessons from a 4 yr old

Audrey shared a story about a kid in her first grade class which led into a conversation about loving others and always being nice.

Daddy “We should always be nice to people and treat them the way we want to be treated. We never know what other kids might be going through”

Audrey – “Yeah, like if kids are being bullied, we should be nice to them”

Daddy – “That’s right!”

Amelia (4 yrs old) – “ I know! I know! Like if you’re in the bathroom and there’s someone else in the bathroom and they keep trying to look under the stall and see ur butt, that’s bullying”

You always keep us laughing!

Sweet prayers from a 2yr old


Daddy got to eat lunch with you and mommy today at Frisch’s. I asked if you wanted to pray for us and you said yes. We were amazed…

Amelia: “Jesus, thank you for our food. Thank you for mommy. Thank you for daddy. Thank you for Audrey. Thank you for uncle Brett, and Lindsey, and Grace, and Abram, and Eliza. And thank you that our whole family gets saved. In Jesus name, Amen.”

Mom and I just looked at each other in amazement of what you had just said. “Thank you that our whole family gets saved!” Such an amazing thing to hear from a 2 yr old. We can’t remember ever having a conversation about being “saved” so we’re not exactly sure where you heard that but you are definite listening because it was perfect context to say what you said how you said it. We love you girl! We’re so proud of you!

Tonight at dinner we asked you if you wanted to pray again. This time you prayer a similar prayer but you ended with “I love you, God. In Jesus name, Amen.” You girls are pretty awesome.

Here’s some pics from the other day at work. Mom dropped you off to spend a little time with dad. You love climbing into these trucks. I love walking you around with you!

The Tooth Fairy

Audrey, You lost your first tooth at school today (8/19/19). It’s been loose for a while and your mom actually asked you this morning before school if you wanted her to pull it because she was afraid you’d lose it at school. Well, she was right. This is how it went down. You showed your teacher (Mrs. Steele) how lose it was and she told you that if you lost your tooth at school that you’d get a tooth necklace. I guess that’s all it took because you pulled it out shortly after all by yourself. We were so thankful that your teacher made you feel so special and took the time to send us a picture during the school day.

Mom said you were smiling ear to ear when she picked you up. We had Family Reading Night in the library at school and I rushed to get there. You were still smiling so big!

Best part is, we told you that the tooth fairy only comes when you’re asleep ANd when you sleep by yourself. For the first time in a long time, you went to bed all by yourself. You were so excited knowing that the tooth fairy was going to come see you tonight. While mom and dad need their own time together, both of us were sad not to have laid down with you tonight. We love you so much.

But we still left you this letter…well the tooth fairy left it.

First Day of the Next Chapter

Audrey, you started kindergarten today! It was a big day for our whole family! Daddy’s trying to figure out why time is going so fast! Mommy’s trying to hold it together and not cry. Amelia is crying because she wanted to stay at school with you! You were so excited that you could hardly wait to get there. You even woke up super early so that you could go to breakfast at school. You definitely showed mom and dad that you are a big girl because you marched right in ready to conquer. You did hold daddy’s hand for a minute. You walked into class without me, took one look around and walked out and grabbed my hand. My first thoughts were “uh oh”, but then we walked back in. You saw the other kids hanging their backpacks up under the cubbies, you let go of my hand, grabbed the backpack and that was all she wrote. From that point, you were a champ. Your face beamed with a beautiful smile. Mommy and daddy are so proud of you. Even though we’re sad that time is going so fast and you’re growing so quickly. We love you so much and we’re already proud of you more than you know!!

Epic Preschool Show & Tell

This is probably the coolest thing your dad has ever done in an airplane! I landed the cub at Audrey’s preschool and about 20 kids got to climb into the airplane and pretend to be a pilot. My favorite part is hearing Audrey in the background: “That’s my dad” and “Bye Daddy!” I love my girls and I’m so thankful I got to do this for both of them. Amelia was just as excited as they were!

As usual, this is bad late being posted. May 2019