First Day of the Next Chapter

Audrey, you started kindergarten today! It was a big day for our whole family! Daddy’s trying to figure out why time is going so fast! Mommy’s trying to hold it together and not cry. Amelia is crying because she wanted to stay at school with you! You were so excited that you could hardly wait to get there. You even woke up super early so that you could go to breakfast at school. You definitely showed mom and dad that you are a big girl because you marched right in ready to conquer. You did hold daddy’s hand for a minute. You walked into class without me, took one look around and walked out and grabbed my hand. My first thoughts were “uh oh”, but then we walked back in. You saw the other kids hanging their backpacks up under the cubbies, you let go of my hand, grabbed the backpack and that was all she wrote. From that point, you were a champ. Your face beamed with a beautiful smile. Mommy and daddy are so proud of you. Even though we’re sad that time is going so fast and you’re growing so quickly. We love you so much and we’re already proud of you more than you know!!

Epic Preschool Show & Tell

This is probably the coolest thing your dad has ever done in an airplane! I landed the cub at Audrey’s preschool and about 20 kids got to climb into the airplane and pretend to be a pilot. My favorite part is hearing Audrey in the background: “That’s my dad” and “Bye Daddy!” I love my girls and I’m so thankful I got to do this for both of them. Amelia was just as excited as they were!

As usual, this is bad late being posted. May 2019

Circle what you want…


Your mom gave you a catalog to look at fall clothes for school and told you to circle what you want…

Looks like we’ll be getting a dog soon. You’ve been wanting a dog or a cat for so long and even though dad is allergic to them, I can’t keep you from experiencing the joy of a pet any longer. I wonder what you’ll name her? I’m already excited to see your excitement and I haven’t even looked for a dog yet.

Love you girl!


Been a while

Hey girls!! Daddy hasn’t been writing much for a long time and I gotta do some major catch up. Time is flying and so much has changed. Audrey, you’re now 5 years old, have 2 loose teeth, have learned to swim, learned to skate, playing soccer, carrying a makeup bag, and so much more. Amelia, you’re 2-1/2 going on 13 with so much sass! You’re a funny girl and always keep us laughing. The other day, you were on the potty at the house and told me you didn’t have to wash your hands since this wasn’t a “public bathroom”! We went camping in a wagon a couple weeks ago and y’all had a blast. We hiked through the woods and we rafted up to Cumberland falls. We tried to see the moonbow but we couldn’t make it past 11:30. Everyone was falling asleep.

The Skating Queen

We’ve had a great summer before Kindergarten starts. I may not be writing much but we have definitely been making memories enjoying life together!

Mommy and daddy love you 2 girls more than you’ll ever know! We’re so proud of you both! Daddy’s Best Friends!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

We had so much fun over Christmas and New Years break! For New Years, we all had a slumber party at the house. We got the air mattress out in the living room and mom and I let you girls stay up as late as you wanted. We ate chocolate cake, popped popcorn, had a dance party, ate pizza, watched the movie Leap! You 2 had so much fun. I think we only made it to about 10:00 with Amelia and Audrey, you were out about 30 minutes later. So we didn’t make it to see the ball drop but it was my favorite New Years party ever!

New Year’s Day was pretty awesome too. Audrey was getting stir crazy and wanted to get out of the house and mommy was wanting to take a nap, so I loaded you 2 up and hit the road. We decided to go by the airport. I originally thought I’d just sit you 2 in the airplane, but you wanted to fly so bad so daddy decided to buckle y’all up. Audrey, it was your 2nd flight in the cub. The first one was with Bella back at the LCA open house. It was Amelia’s 1st flight. I buckled the 2 of you in the back, taxied around a bit to make sure y’all were comfortable and safe, and then took runway 6! You both loved it, even though audrey, you still hate having to wear the headset.

When we got home, we went to the playset to swing! While I was pushing you both, I asked audrey, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Audrey: “I want to be a teacher!”

Daddy: “That’s awesome! Why do you want to be a teacher?”

Audrey: “because I want to tell kids about Jesus!”

My heart overflows with joy when I hear you talk about Jesus! You have a huge heart already and you are so smart! You know every story on the kids bible app and you get all the questions right. I’m so proud of you. I pray that you always love Jesus the way you love him now. You’re an inspiration to even you daddy and you’re only 4 years old.

I love you girls! You both are daddy’s world!

I promise not again…

The girls got a toy sink that pumps water out of the faucet. They have been having a blast with it this morning washing dishes. After a few minutes washing dishes, mom tells me I have to come take a look. Amelia is in the sink and Audrey is bathing her. About 15 minutes later, Audrey hollers that Amelia has peed in the sink. After bursting out in laughter first, I tell Amelia you can’t do that anymore. She responds, “I promise not again!”😂. Love my family!

Audrey Funnies

We’re doing the Daniel Fast for 21 days and we’re on day 5. We’ve talked about it and you’ve began noticing that mommy and daddy aren’t eating or drinking our normal stuff. Tonight you wanted a snack before bedtime and we let you have some carrots and a little bit of ranch…

Audrey: “Mommy, you can share my ranch with me, if you want to.”

Mommy: “Audrey, mommy and daddy are giving up ranch for Jesus right now.”

Audrey: “I wanna give up ranch for Jesus too…after I get done eating all of this!”😂

You crack us up girl!!! Mommy and daddy loves you!